"A printed photo is an asset.
The value increases over time".

- Anonymous

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When you invest with Pip, there will be no more photos trapped on computers for years on end. You’ll not only receive digital images, but tangible ones too. All options and details on specific products are outlined below. 

Now your story can be told time and time again, passed down from one generation to the next. Your legacy will live on…

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Take the photos. Print the pictures. Your children will thank you.

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Atkins is based in Kent, South Australia, and has been a family-run business since 1936. They have the best team in the industry with many of their staff being with them for over 30 years. They have seen the change to digital and bring that knowledge and history to everything they do – they really are experts in their fields. They produce photographic products that will last for generations, heirlooms to enrich the memories and stories of families for well over a century. Their products are handmade, carefully crafted, and truly special.

atkins photo lab

The 100 per cent smooth white cotton artist’s paper has a wonderfully soft feel and produces outstanding prints that feature brilliant colours, deep blacks, striking contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail. This acid and lignin-free paper meets the most exacting requirements for age resistance which means they will last a lifetime and more.

matte art pRinTS

Your printed 10 x 15cm images will be presented and stored in a handmade envelope (10x15.5cm) in your choice of natural or vegan leather and finished with a brass stud closure. There’s nothing quite like the smell of true leather and how soft and buttery it feels in your hands.

leather envelopes


This framed print style can be hung anywhere and look like it’s always belonged. A white mat surrounds your photograph, which is then framed in your choice of Satin Black, Satin White, Miltwood or if you prefer a raw timber finish then you can choose from Tasmanian Oak or Heartwood. Your photographic print will be carefully mounted to board with archival adhesive, then finished in your choice of a frame with lightweight acrylic glazing that protects your picture. All frames are custom-made by hand and on-site by Atkins Photo Lab.

With the smaller framed prints, you can use adhesive strips to attach them to your wall, but larger pieces will need a single hanging point. All frames have hangers on the back, ready for installation. 

framed prints

frame finishes

raw timber

Pip’s personal favourite, this is a raw, pure timber moulding made locally in Australia. As a natural product, it will always have variations. It’s texture and finish is the same as Heartwood, but its colour could be described as a light, neutral oatmeal.

tasmanian oak

This moulding is a raw, pure timber moulding made locally in Australia. As a natural product, it will always have variations – but its base colour could be described as an earth, warm ochre. It feels real and raw, like something from another time.

raw timber


This moulding has a thin timber veneer over a sustainable timber body. It gives a very matte and very textured look and feel, which is also very consistent.


black / white

This moulding is coated in satiny matte gesso, made from sustainable timber. A very smooth and consistent texture, made in Italy.


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